about us.

about ContentMint.

In 2013, David Heller and Kimberly Bassett founded Assemble Partners, a contrarian media services company dedicated to helping client businesses grow by solving their paid media challenges within the rapidly changing landscape. Today, Bassett and Heller see the individual roles of media, creative and measurement evolving into a single function of problem solver/content creator. The world is opening up to new forms of content, born of life experience, sweat, love, passion and authenticity. Channel has taken a back seat to message and execution. 

So in 2019, ContentMint was forged. ContentMint is dedicated to content creation in all unencumbered forms. All Mint content will have one thing in common – it will be singularly dedicated to involving audiences in the most vigorous way possible. By focusing on the exchange and how people engage with the content we create, we will explore new structures, new sponsor integrations, new talent and new ways of consumption. be Heard.