Five Minutes or Less: Episode 2

Episode 2: Featured Fiver line-up…


David Heller “Too Many Post-Its” [0:00]

Chris Peters “Thunder Mountain” [3:50]

Tom Krantz “The Gift of Jetlag,” “The Covenant of Eyes” & “Before Turning 25” [8:30]

Tessa Duke “Plot Structure” [13:46]

Mary Bolt & Chris Peters “Lie” [19:00]

Katie Deluca “Transmitter Park,” “Field Measurements” & “Water Ways” [24:04]

Jessie Shaw “Outside of Time” [27:55]

Ryan Andrews “The Ballad of Scoot-Scoot” [ 33:24 ]

Episodes 3 & 4 are coming soon! Stay tuned!

Episode 2 Featured Fivers


David Heller

Five Minutes or Less creator and host collecting words from the group for his cut-up poem, “Too Many Post-Its” [0:00]

Chris Peters

Performing his original song, “Thunder Mountain” [3:50]

Tom Krantz

Reciting original poems, “The Gift of Jetlag,” “The Covenant of Eyes” & “Before Turning 25” [8:30]

Tessa Duke

Tessa Duke

Reading her original piece entitled, “Plot Structure” [13:46]

Mary Bolt

Mary Bolt

Performing “Lie,” an original song, written & performed with Chris Peters [19:00]


Katie Deluca

Reciting her original poems, “Transmitter Park,” “Field Measurements” & “Water Ways” [24:04]

Jessie Shaw

Reading an excerpt from her book, Outside of Time [27:55]

Ryan Andrews

Ryan Andrews

Performing “The Ballad of Scoot-Scoot” [33:24]