Five Minutes or Less: June 2022 Relaunch

Five Minutes or Less: Just the Songs


Dorée “Last Time” [0:00]

Chris Peters “Thunder Mountain” [04:38]

Mary Bolt & Chris Peters “Lie” [08:33]

Cogito “Like to Lose” [12:47]

Dorée “I Don’t Want to Know” & “The Things They Carried” [17:26]

Jonahp “Like-Blood-Flow” [25:37]

PlayShoes “In Your Own Room (Spiral Staircase)” & “Wristguards” [28:07]

The American School “American School” [34:04]

Barney Miller “Stash Away” & “The Algorithm of My Heart” [39:13]

Sean Doherty “Before You’re Gone” [46:11]

Aaron Rothko with Isabel Rothko “Porch Song” [49:50]