Five Minutes or Less: Episode 3

Episode 3: Featured Fiver line-up…

David Heller “Index Card Poem” [0:00]

J.W. Crump “100 Facts of Life Learned from The Facts of Life” [3:48]

Susannah Karron “Le Violette” by Scarlatti [12:08]

Sean Doherty “Before You’re Gone” [14:05]

Kayla Schwab “la jolla” [18:38]

Barney Miller “Perfection” & “Untitled” [21:30]

Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman “Where Are the Wild Things?” [24:21]

Chloe Day “Plate, Cup, Knife, Fork” [30:03]

Hunter & Jessica Millington “bickr” [38:58]

Left to Right (Top): David Heller, J.W. Crump, Sean Doherty, Kayla Schwab (not pictured) Barney Miller (Bottom): Chloe Day, Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman, Susannah Karron, Hunter Millington, Jessica Millington