Five Minutes or Less: Episode 4

In the season finale of Five Minutes or Less, host David Heller and eight guests share, sing, read and recite original work amongst a gathering of fellow participants.  

Episode 4: Featured Fiver line-up…

David Heller “Index Card Poem 2” [0:00]
Dorée “I Don’t Want to Know” [3:36]
Susannah Karron “Summertime” by George Gershwin [9:04]
Andy Hammerstein “Oscar on Oscar” [11:26]
The American School “American School” [15:15]
Raanan Hershberg “The Louisville Comedy Scene” [20:53]
Cogito “Like to Lose” [29:04]
Dale Perreault “Theater Unknown” [33:53]
Dorée “The Things They Carried” [40:38]
PlayShoes “In Your Own Room (Spiral Staircase)” [45:17] and “Wristguards” [49:20]

Top L to R: Snottboi of PlayShoes, Andy Hammerstein, Jonahp of PlayShoes, The American School, (Joy of PlayShoes disappeared) Bottom: Dale Perreault, Cogito, Susannah Karron, Dorée, David Heller and (Raanan Hershberg had another gig)