ContentMint: Five Minutes or Less

Constraint is the mother of invention. What if you only had a minute to say or do something important… to get it out there or off your chest? Join us as we gather to share – a song, a poem, a play, a meditation, a speech or a manifesto. What would you share? The Gettysburg Address was a mere three minutes. Five Minutes or Less collaborators have a luxurious five minutes to say it, sing it, play it, listen to it, chant it, describe it, mumble it, mull it over or scream it. Just get it out there into the world…be heard. 

Five Minutes or Less: June 2022 Relaunch

Five Minutes or Less: Just the Songs Dorée “Last Time” [0:00] Chris Peters “Thunder Mountain” [04:38] Mary Bolt & Chris Peters “Lie” [08:33] Cogito “Like to Lose” [12:47] Dorée “I Don’t Want to Know” & “The Things They Carried” [17:26] Jonahp “Like-Blood-Flow” [25:37] PlayShoes “In Your Own Room (Spiral Staircase)” & “Wristguards” [28:07] The American School “American School” [34:04] Barney Miller “Stash Away” &...

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Five Minutes or Less: Episode 1

Episode 1: Featured Fiver line-up…   David Heller “Random” [2:02] Barney Miller “Stash Away” & “The Algorithm of My Heart” [3:13] Dick Wilkins “I’d Blather Not” [11:07] Jenny Liu “Walk the Earth” [16:03] Dale Perreault “Furniture in Ibsen” [22:25] Jonahp “Like-Blood-Flow” [25:00] Carole Real “I’m Not Musical” [28:05] Oliver Heller “Guiltlessness” [ 33:55 ] Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman reading from Car-Crash While Hitchhiking by Denis Johnson [36:00] Dorée “Last...

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Five Minutes or Less: Episode 2

Episode 2: Featured Fiver line-up… David Heller “Too Many Post-Its” [0:00] Chris Peters “Thunder Mountain” [3:50] Tom Krantz “The Gift of Jetlag,” “The Covenant of Eyes” & “Before Turning 25” [8:30] Tessa Duke “Plot Structure” [13:46] Mary Bolt & Chris Peters “Lie” [19:00] Katie Deluca “Transmitter Park,” “Field Measurements” & “Water Ways” [24:04] Jessie Shaw “Outside of Time” [27:55] Ryan Andrews “The...

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Five Minutes or Less: Episode 3

Episode 3: Featured Fiver line-up… David Heller “Index Card Poem” [0:00]  J.W. Crump “100 Facts of Life Learned from The Facts of Life” [3:48] Susannah Karron “Le Violette” by Scarlatti [12:08] Sean Doherty “Before You’re Gone” [14:05] Kayla Schwab “la jolla” [18:38] Barney Miller “Perfection” & “Untitled” [21:30] Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman “Where Are the Wild Things?”...

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Five Minutes or Less: Episode 4

In the season finale of Five Minutes or Less, host David Heller and eight guests share, sing, read and recite original work amongst a gathering of fellow participants.   Episode 4: Featured Fiver line-up… David Heller “Index Card Poem 2” [0:00]   Dorée “I Don’t Want to Know” [3:36]   Susannah Karron “Summertime” by George Gershwin [9:04]   Andy...

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Episode Four Featured Fivers

Left to Right (Top): Snottboi of PlayShoes, Andy Hammerstein, Jonahp of PlayShoes,  The American School and (Joy of PlayShoes disappeared)
Left to Right (Bottom): Dale Perreault, Cogito, Susannah Karron, Dorée, David Heller and (Raanan Hershberg had another gig)